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The Republic of South Africa appointed as Kimberly Process WGM Chair
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Application for Licence Renewal
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Requirements: The applicant must be in possession of a Bachelor's degree or equivalent financial management qualification, in Accounting, Finance, or Economics, and this should be coupled with at least six years Senior Management experience in finance, preferably in Public service - Demonstrate advanced understanding of institutional governance systems including performance management, fiscal discipline, Supply Chain Management Regulations and Preferential Procurement Policy, and Financial Accounting Principles of GAAPGRAP.

Knowledge: Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), National treasury Rules and regulations, King IV Reports on Corporate Governance, Prompt response to Accountability and Compliance Issues and Mandates of the Board - Capacity to Plan, Organize, Control resources to the benefi t of the organization.

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Ref.2017/10/01 23 October 2017