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The Republic of South Africa appointed as Kimberly Process WGM Chair
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Application for Licence Renewal
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Title Stage Category Issuer Ref Closing Date
Successful/Awarded Bid: SADPMR/01/2015/16 Tender History SADPMR SADPMR/01/2015/16 Mon 06 Jun 2016
Response for Bid: SADPMR:01/2014/15 Tender History SADPMR SADPMR:01/2014/15 Tue 05 Aug 2014
Successful/Awarded Bid: SADPMR02/2013/14 Tender History SADPMR SADPMR02/2013/14 Tue 22 Jul 2014
Successful/Awarded Bid: SADPMR/03/2013/14 Tender History SADPMR SADPMR/03/2013/14 Fri 06 Jun 2014
Response for Bid: SADPMR03/2013/14 Tender History SADPMR SADPMR03/2013/14 Tue 18 Mar 2014
Response for Bid: SADPMR04/2013/13 Tender History SADPMR SADPMR04/2013/14 Tue 18 Mar 2014